The Perfect Shirt

Joseph Turner men's formal shirts are hand-finished and tailored from the finest pure cotton fabrics. Our meticulous attention to detail and our determination to make the perfect formal shirt has resulted in a peerless garment that has all the hallmarks you would associate with a luxury shirt, and much more besides.  Read on to find out why our men's formal shirts are a timeless, classic piece.

  • Two-Piece Collar

    which is fully interlined and painstakingly constructed using a dozen separate components. Available in twelve different collar size and sleeve length combinations to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Four-Piece Split Yoke

    allows the shirt to lie flat and smooth across the shoulders and to hang straight at the back. This would not be achievable with a single piece of fabric.
  • Gussets

    All our formal shirts have Gussets to strengthen the side seams.We believe these are critical to durability, although they are frequently omitted by our less conventional rivals.
  • Sleeve Gauntlets

    are the traditional way to keep the sleeve above the cuff closed. Using an under and over gauntlet, they sandwich the sleeve firmly together, to prevent gaping.
  • Double or Single Cuffs

    It’s a personal choice. For some gentlemen it’s double cuffs while others opt for single. We offer all our formal shirts with a choice of either Double or Single Cuffs as you prefer.
  • Extra Long Tails

    make sure your shirt stays in your trousers, whether you’re standing, sitting or even reaching for that paperwork on the top shelf.