Men's Trousers

Tailored with meticulous attention to detail our traditional fit men's trousers are made from the finest cloths and fabrics. Team our corduroy trousers with a Tattersall check shirt and a tailored jacket for a polished look.  Or pair our chinos with a relaxed button-down Oxford shirt.

Put Your Best Foot Forward.  Quality Fabrics for Men's Trousers.

Put Your Best Foot Forward. Quality Fabrics for Men's Trousers.

Corduroy - A popular choice of trouser fabric for the cooler months, corduroy is made from twisted fibres that when woven lie in parallel rows known as 'cords'. The width of these 'cords' is measured by the wale - the lower the number the thicker the ridge of the wale. A hardwearing fabric with a soft velvet-like feel, corduroy trousers are often paired with Tattersall check shirts and tweed jackets for a classic country look.

Needlecord - typically about 11-wale, needlecord trousers are a lighter alternative to the more traditional, heavier weight men's cord trousers and are a great choice for the transition seasons.

Cavalry Twill - originally designed as a military riding trouser (hence the name), cavalry twill trousers are a great smart trouser that can be worn with other separates such as tweed jackets and sports jackets. The twill design (the diagonal stripe of the fabric) is particularly good at holding its shape and drapes beautifully.

Moleskin - a densely woven twill cotton with the pile sheared off is what produces the uniquely soft and velvety feel of moleskin. A durable, thick cotton fabric, moleskin is the perfect weight for trousers worn in the cooler months. Matched with similar weight tops such as a tailored tweed jacket or a smart lambswool v-neck, moleskin trousers add texture and interest to any outfit.

Flannel - a soft fabric made from tightly woven wool that is then brushed to give it a soft, almost furry finish. Flannel trousers are a great option for spanning the smart/casual range. Typically grey or charcoal in colour, flannel trousers are a classic and versatile wardrobe staple that can be matched with most other separates to create as formal or casual look as desired.

Cotton Chinos - the essential summer trouser, no gentleman's wardrobe is complete without a pair of cotton chinos. Originally designed to be worn by the military, these trousers have become popular with men of all walks. Universally flattering, incredibly versatile and made from 100% pure cotton it is easy to see why.

Linen - as a summer fabric linen is difficult to beat. With its high absorbency rate and ability to wick away moisture from the body, linen is the ideal fabric for keeping cool when the temperature rises and explains its centuries-long history. Linen trousers can be worn as part of suit for more formal occasions or separately with a casual checked shirt for a more relaxed look.