Men's Merino Wool Jumpers

At Joseph Turner, you'll find a range of luxuriously soft men's merino wool jumpers. In handsome colours and made from 100% extra fine merino wool, they drape beautifully, lending a smart, polished finish. We also stock a wide range of cotton, Shetland, and cashmere knitwear.

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100% Merino Wool Knitwear. A Smart Choice.

100% Merino Wool Knitwear. A Smart Choice.

Luxurious extra fine merino wool with its natural lutre, perfect drape and crease resistance benefits from what from what designers term 'excellent handle'. To those who choose to wear it this means knitwear that effortlessly, elegantly and smoothly follows the line of the body without clinging.

Natural Properties of Merino Wool - the fibres of merino wool are finer and more delicate than those of other wools, lending it a fantastic softness, shine and breathability. These natural properties mean that merino wool has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio that make it a superb choice for smart, lighter knitwear.

Care of Merino Knitwear - merino jumpers should be dry cleaned or, even better, hand-washed in order to keep them looking their best. Once washed, they need gently squeezing to get rid of any excess water (do not wring them as this can damage the fibres) and then lying flat on a drying rack or clean towel. All wool knitwear, regardless of quality, will naturally pill from washing and wear. Pilling is the bobbling effect that occurs when fibres become knotted together, but with care these can easily be removed. Simply hold the garment flat and use a wool razor, or a wool comb, to trim them off.