Men's Lambswool Jumpers

Browse our beautiful selection of men's lambswool jumpers, which are available in a palette of vibrant shades.

Wear over a formal shirt for stylish formal look, or pair with jeans on evenings and weekends. Next-day delivery available.

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  1. Lambswool - Cardigan - Dark Green

    $135.00 $86.00
  2. Lambswool Jumper - Half Zip - Dark Green

    $135.00 $86.00
  3. Lambswool Jumper - V Neck - Dark Green

    $135.00 $86.00
Lambswool Knitwear. 100% Pure Lambswool.

Lambswool Knitwear. 100% Pure Lambswool.

The lambswool that we use in all of our classic lambswool jumpers, is sourced from Z Hinchliffe & Sons of Yorkshire, who have been spinning wool for over 200 years. The signature texture and warmth of our lambswool jumpers comes from the combination of the raw materials and the use of traditional spinning techniques that Hinchliffe & Sons have honed over the past two centuries.

Natural Properties of Lambswool - the most popular choice of wool for men’s jumpers, lambswool comes from the first shearing of a sheep, at about seven months old. Z Hinchliffe & Sons source the wool used in our classic lambswool jumpers from the Geelong area of Australia; a wool synonymous with fineness. This fresh wool is shorter than that from an adult sheep and is renowned for its incredible softness. Lambswool also has excellent insulating properties; it is breathable and regulates heat to provide exceptional warmth in the winter while remaining cool in the summer.

Care of Lambswool Knitwear - lambswool jumpers should be dry cleaned or, even better, hand-washed in order to keep them looking their best. Once washed, they need gently squeezing to get rid of any excess water (do not wring them as this can damage the fibres) and then lying flat on a drying rack or clean towel. All wool knitwear, regardless of quality, will naturally pill from washing and wear. Pilling is the bobbling effect that occurs when fibres become knotted together, but with care these can easily be removed. Simply hold the garment flat and use a wool razor, or a lambswool comb, to trim them off.