Men's Tweed Jackets

At Joseph Turner, we offer a range of beautifully tailored men's tweed jackets, with hues that reflect Yorkshire landscapes and rural traditions. They're cut from wool tweed expertly woven here in Britain and are available in a range of colours and designs. Team with trousers and a formal shirt for special occasions, or with jeans and a jumper for smart-casual events.

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  1. Tweed Jacket - Olive/Blue Check

    $428.00 $209.00
  2. Sports Jacket - Brown/Red Check

    $428.00 $209.00
  3. Sports Jacket - Blue Check (wool/Linen)

    $428.00 $209.00
  4. Sports Jacket - Blue Windowpane (Wool/Linen)

    $428.00 $209.00
  5. Sports Jacket - Light Brown Herringbone (Wool/Linen)

    $428.00 $209.00
  6. Sports Jacket - Brown/Blue/Red

    $428.00 $209.00
  7. Sports Jacket - Green/Blue

    $428.00 $209.00
  8. Tweed Jacket - Brown/Green/Blue

    $428.00 $289.00
  9. Tweed Jacket - Green/Red/Blue

    $428.00 $289.00
Men's Tweed Jackets & Blazers

Men's Tweed Jackets & Blazers

The versatility of the tweed jacket really can’t be denied. So, if you don’t own one, it’s time to think about buying one!

Tweed is a rough-textured, close-woven wool fabric, usually with a tight twill weave of vertical and horizontal fibres. It comes in many different designs and colours and can be extremely versatile. If you would like to know more about the material, make sure you read our guide: What is tweed?

Although not fully waterproof, the naturally rough finish of tweed makes it a great option for outdoor wear. Lighter tweeds also work well as suit jackets, being both smart and practical. Traditionally, as with tartan, tweed was unique to families and groups. However, it is now universally popular and comes in multiple patterns and fabrics. Some of the most popular tweed patterns include:

  • Herringbone – Creating a zig-zag pattern, the herringbone is a series of two lines, which join in a V-shape.
  • Houndstooth – A repeating square design.
  • Gamekeepers – A very fine check, repeated throughout the fabric.
  • Barleycorn – Uniformly repeated flecked or pebbled patterns that can appear as a solid colour from a distance.
  • Striped – Barleycorn, plain, or herringbone with the addition of stripes in various widths.
  • Plain – Fine patterns, subtle enough to appear solid in colour from a distance.

Every countryman should have a selection of men's tweed blazers in his wardrobe — they're ideal for work, special occasions, and those days when you just want to look and feel put-together.

All of our tweed blazers for men have internal ticket pockets, twin back vents, and working button cuffs, making them very practical and exceptionally comfortable to wear. Plus, they're all made from beautifully woven British tweed that's incredibly durable. This means, once you find the perfect men's smart tweed jacket, you'll be able to wear if for many seasons — and even years — to come. 

How to style a tweed jacket

Tweed jackets for men can be worn in a very similar way to other styles of blazer. For smart-casual events, they look great with a pair of men's jeans, some knitwear or a casual shirt, and a pair of deck shoes. Or, if you're getting dressed up for a more formal affair, they work very well layered over a smart shirt. Throw on some classic tan or grey trousers and a pair of fashionable brogues to complete the ensemble. We have a guide to buying and wearing men's blazers that offers plenty more inspiration, too. 

How to wash a tweed jacket

As we explain in our guide to tweed, the material is renowned for being tough, but it isn't indestructible. And, because it's made using wool, it does have a tendency to shrink in the wash. As a result, we would always recommend that you have your tweed jackets and blazers dry-cleaned.

We're sure you'll love all of the men's tweed blazers you see here but, if you would like more inspiration, make sure you also browse our full range of men's jackets and blazers, where you'll find needlecord styles and more. Or, if you need some outerwear that's on the heavier side, you might also be interested in our selection of men's coats.

Buy tweed jackets for men online with us today. We offer free returns, so you've got nothing to lose!